Road Trip Anyone?

Did somebody say road trip!?

Oh yes, you heard right!  Today I’ll be taking off for my long awaited cross-country U.S. road trip.

Seriously y’all, this is one of my oldest items on my bucket list, and I’ve finally become sick and tired of staring at the unchecked box next to it!

I’m stoked beyond belief to start this journey, but unfortunately I’ll have limited internet since I’ll be doing mostly camping. Because of this I won’t be writing any new posts, but you can bet you’re buns I’ll be Instagramming.

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Who’s down for a road trip?

Cant wait to share lessons and experiences from my trip when I get back!


Have something you’ve been itching to do for years? Check out last week’s post on the importance of keeping your bucket list for a bit of inspiration to keep your dream alive.


Why Keeping a Bucket List is a Must

We all have our bucket list.  Maybe it’s on paper, maybe it’s in our mind – but we all have that list…

That list of our hopes and dreams, of things we wish to do, learn, see, accomplish.

I don’t know about you, but many times mine feels like a brutal reminder of what I haven’t done… that I haven’t found the time, even though I know it’s available… that I’m scared to try out of fear of failure… or worse that I’ve failed to keep persisting when I tried without success.

Sometimes it seems easier to just erase some of the goals I set for myself.  Pretend I’ve had a change of heart and that it’s no longer important for me. Maybe just give in, and say, “It is what it is,” and accept life as an unchangeable object.

Yet still, I keep my bucket list.

I keep my bucket list because I know, no matter how long it takes, or how scary it feels, these are deep dreams I have for myself.

Because I know that erasing this list is like giving up on myself.

Because I know that with a determined heart I can make anything happen.

And I know that this is the same for you.

I know that no matter how heavy it may weight on your mind, how much you’d like to just throw in the towel and just say, “It is what it is,” like I sometimes do, it is worth it to keep your bucket list.

We have to push through and keep our dreams alive. If we don’t who else will?

Pretty soon I’ll be checking off cross country trip from my bucket list. Fillow along, I’ll be posting my adventures on Instagram @bitcheswork

Nikki Groom of the F Factor logo

Nikki Groom: Copywriter Behind the F Factor

When is a good enough job, not enough to keep you from doing what you love?

After working in marketing strategy for a global manufacturer for over a decade, Nikki Groom owner of “The F Factor” realized she that they only way to break her glass ceiling and to get back to her first love of writing was to create her own business.  

I realized that I could do my own thing.  And the more I thought about it the more I realized that’s what I wanted for myself.  I wanted to get back to my first love, I wanted to get back to writing.  So I finally took the plunge, and it was definitely a big deal for me to quit my job, but I did it and I haven’t looked back and I couldn’t be happier.

Tune into this week’s Like a Boss interview with Nikki Groom of the F Factor to learn how she came about launching her own business, her first few months, lessons in handling fear, and her favorite part of being her own business owner.

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Get Out of the Way of a Woman on a Mission – Bitches Work

In honor of our #LikeABoss interview series, I wanted to write about this quote I heard in a documentary awhile that really stuck with me…  

The women in the documentary shared her thoughts that it will be the women of the future that will change this world.  


In a nut shell she said, if you’ve ever seen a woman on a mission, you better join forces with her, or get out of her way.  A woman on a mission, is like a bulldozer that has no off switch.  Mess with her child, mess with her house, mess with her community of loved one – you will get understand fury, you will feel her wrath.  It is a woman on a mission who will change this world.”

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Iman Woods: Pinup & Company

For this week’s #LikeABoss interview I’m so excited to share with you Iman Woods of Pinup & Company, a woman on a mission to show women just how beautiful they are.

Based out of Mebane North Carolina, Iman and her team take women on a day long transformational journey – from hair and makup, to wardrobe and photoshoot, all concluding with their personal portrait that Iman creates for them.

More than just your typical photoshoot, Iman talks about how she developed what she calls “Pinup Therapy,” where through an full day of self love she helps women change their mental tape about how they see themselves.

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