Iman Woods: Pinup & Company

For this week’s #LikeABoss interview I’m so excited to share with you Iman Woods of Pinup & Company, a woman on a mission to show women just how beautiful they are.

Based out of Mebane North Carolina, Iman and her team take women on a day long transformational journey – from hair and makup, to wardrobe and photoshoot, all concluding with their personal portrait that Iman creates for them.

More than just your typical photoshoot, Iman talks about how she developed what she calls “Pinup Therapy,” where through an full day of self love she helps women change their mental tape about how they see themselves.

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Anne Lowrey: Part-Time Traveler

There’s no way you can work a 9-5 and still be able to travel the world, right?

THINK AGAIN.  My girl Anne Lowrey of Part-Time Traveler is a one woman powerhouse helping people from all faces of the earth realize their dream of traveling without having to jump ship and leave your 9-5.

Don’t believe me?  Check out her current map logging all of the countries she has visited…


Now you believe me?  Want in??

Tune into this week’s Like a Boss interview to get inspired to dust off that long lost sense of wonder for exploring the world!

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Pantene “Not Sorry” Video Stirring the Pot

I watched the new Pantene video for women, “Not Sorry” for their #ShineStrong campaign this morning which highlights how often women say sorry, and encourages them to be strong and stop apologizing.

At the end of the video my initial reaction was “AMMMMEEENNN!”  I say sorry ALL the time, and I know it’s something I need to work on, so naturally I was happy to see Pantene encouraging women to do the same.

To show my support I went to go hit the “Like” button…  and that’s when it slapped me.

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Mai Bach: Vegan Mama behind Taipei’s Ooh Cha Cha

Ever thought about making a huge jump and leaving your cushy job?

Perhaps to go live in a foreign country…

Who hasn’t right??

Well if you’re on board, the big question usually is how do you make it a reality, and then how do you make a living?

This week’s badass bitch, Mai Bach, shares her wisdom on how she “just did it.” Packing up her things and leaving for Taiwan, without having a place to live, or even knowledge of the language.  Left to get crafty the result is her baby, a vegan cafe by the name Ooh Cha Cha!

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